Spooky Halloween Decor

We are counting down to one more day! Here are some halloween activities for younger children. The pop-up card was inspired by my friend Queenie’s art lesson at Castle Arts (Arts and Learning Center).


Duration: 60 – 75min

Haunted Mansion Pop-Up Materials:
– Yellow Cardstock Paper
– Any colour Cardstock Paper (for the back)
– Acrylic or Tempura Paint
– Construction Paper (for extra designs or ornaments)

Chain of Creatures Materials:
– Pre-cut Orange/ Black Strips
– White & Black Paper 


Haunted Mansion Pop-Up Card

There are just 2 more days till it’s Halloween! Check out these fantastic pop-up cards!


Duration: 1 – 1.5 hrs

– Orange & Black Cardstock Paper
– Handout for reference: Pop-Up Template
– Exacto Knife & Cutting Mat
– Halloween Stickers or Construction Paper for decorations

I gave students a handout with the basic structure of the haunted mansion. While they used their exacto knives to carve out the designs,  I explained to them that the most important thing is to keep the top and bottom part of their structures connected to the paper. They can also modify the shapes of the windows, doors and background to include their own ideas. The folding part was the most difficult, so I ended up going around to help pop-out everyone’s designs. It was still quite successful!