Crafty Ornaments

Duration: 15 – 30 min/ ornament

Materials & Tips:

1) Snow Globe
– Plastic/Clear Ornament
– Small Foam Balls (snow)
– Acrylic Paint
– Q-tips


Tip: Use Q-tips to paint while holding on to the string at the top. Try to not smudge the paint and hang the ornament up for it to dry.


IMAG0390-2.jpg2) Reindeer
– Brown & Red Construction Paper

– Googly Eyes
– Pipe Cleaner
– String
– Black Marker

3) Christmas Tree
– Green & Brown Construction Paper
– Yarn
– Pom Poms and/or Shiny Gems
– Glue Gun



4) Beaded Ornament
– Assorted Coloured Cardstock Paper

– Hole Puncher
– Beads & String
– Decorative Stickers/Gems
– Tape


Here are some cool examples done by my older class 🙂 



Halloween Lanterns


Paper lanterns are really fun to make, especially the ones that actually light up 🙂 Since Halloween is just around the corner, I gave my students a handout with some spooky examples and they came up with so many new ideas. 

Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hrs

– 2 pieces of Cardstock Paper
– 2 sheets of Tracing Paper
– Exacto Knife
– Gluestick
– Tea Light Candle

The secret to making a good lantern is having a design with lots of negative space. I asked my students to think about a general shape which will form most of the background (to be cut out) while mainting at least one object as the point of focus. For example, some people chose a shape of a window, circle or general rectangle as their frame before adding in objects like ghosts, people and other cool creatures. 

Each student used 2 pieces of cardstock paper (colour of their choice) and folded each in half. They then bent the shorter sides inward to create 4 strips with a width of approx 1 cm.  Before connecting the two pages using the strips, they cut 1 strip off each of the pieces of paper and created 4 equally-sized surfaces to draw on.

Once the designs have been drawn, they carved out the pieces with an exacto knife and glued tracing paper on the back. Here are some of their finished work!



Hot Air Balloon Craft

Let your dreams take flight……..

Things that fly in the sky are absolutely fascinating and make wonderful art projects. Among them are parachutes, fairies, Cat in the Hat’s “thingamajigger” and you can’t miss the hot air balloon! Here is a fun way of making your very own. It comes with a nice basket for artists to put in thier favorite characters and toys 🙂


Duration: 30-45 min


– Large Paper Plate
– Tissue and/or Construction Paper
– Small piece of cardboard paper (attach to the bottom)
– Glitter and Decorative Stickers
– White Glue

– String
– Hole Puncher
– Paper Bag



DIY Fabric Bird

“Even if the sunny days end, we’ll have each other. My rainy day love bird.” – Anonymous


Here is a nice sewing project for the start of spring! 🙂

Duration: 1.5 -2 hrs

– Body Parts Template (download here-DIY Fabric Birds)

– Felt/Fabric
– Needle & Matching coloured threads
– Scissors
– Cotton stuffing

Start with these shapes and sew on the eyes, beak and wings.
You may follow the PDF example- Putting the Parts Together.

Tip: If time is limited, you can sew the wings on last and first put together the body. 

Flip the bird over and start sewing the sides adjacent to the face together. When you are finished, sew on the back-bone of the bird, but leave a little hole. In the next step, you will use the hole to turn the bird inside out.

Your bird is now halfway done! You can put as much stuffing as you need through the hole and then sew the bottom edge together. Finally, add on the tail 🙂 


Voila! It’s your finished bird!