Crafty Elf & Reindeer Ornament


The Christmas season is a great time for family fun and DIY crafts!
Here are two simple projects that your little one may enjoy making 🙂


Duration: 25-40 min

– Construction Paper (red, green, white, brown)
– Elf Head (elf-faces)
– Hole-Puncher
– String/Ribbon
– Crayons
– Black Marker

– Googly Eyes
– Buttons
– Sparkles and Sequints

A simple pear-shaped design will get artists started on the head of their reindeer ornament. As time goes by and artists add their own features, it is amazing to see the variations that students come up with. I also love to put out small and shiny shapes that everyone can use because it adds more magic to their work.

With the remaining construction paper left, one can make a personalized elf with wiggly arms and legs. I have included a template of a boy and girl elf head in the materials list, but you can always make your own 🙂 Don’t forget to fancy up your elf by including a Christmas hat, winter gloves, boots and buttons too!



Hot Air Balloon Craft

Let your dreams take flight……..

Things that fly in the sky are absolutely fascinating and make wonderful art projects. Among them are parachutes, fairies, Cat in the Hat’s “thingamajigger” and you can’t miss the hot air balloon! Here is a fun way of making your very own. It comes with a nice basket for artists to put in thier favorite characters and toys 🙂


Duration: 30-45 min


– Large Paper Plate
– Tissue and/or Construction Paper
– Small piece of cardboard paper (attach to the bottom)
– Glitter and Decorative Stickers
– White Glue

– String
– Hole Puncher
– Paper Bag



Mother’s Day Paper Flowers

In this craft tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make 3 kinds of flowers with simple folding procedures. The Kusudama, Dahlia and Hyacinth Flower look elegant and beautiful in a combo (something great for Mother’s Day :))

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Let’s start with the Kusudama flower!

You will need:
– 5 square pieces of coloured-paper (one for each petal)
– 1 Pipe Cleaner (for the stem)
– White Glue/Glue Gun

1. Fold the square piece of paper diagonally in half.
2. Take the 2 side corners and fold towards the middle so that their edges meet.

3. Create a tulip shape by folding each triangle diagonally outward, aligning the edge with the bottom layer.
4. Open each flap completely and push down on the paper, creating a kite-shape.
5. Fold the two top corners downward.

6. For each side triangle, fold the shape in half by moving the outer edge inward to meet the top edge.
7. Fold the whole piece in half and secure the petal by gluing the 2 parts together at the center. 

8. Repeat these steps 4 more times to make your completed kusudama flower. It is easiest to glue the 5 petals together using a glue gun.


Next is the beautiful dahlia ❤

You will need:
– Tissue or Crepe Paper
– Scisscors
– White Glue
– 1 Pipe Cleaner (for the stem)


  1. Cut out circles of different sizes
  2. Fold the circles in half 3 times to create a “pizza” shape
  3. Cut out 2 bumps at the top to create a heart shape
  4. Open up your pieces and glue them together
  5. Add a pipe-cleaner and something pretty for the center of the flower such as a button or pom-pom 🙂

Finally is the Hyacinth plant (curly flower)!

You will need:
– 1 half piece of green paper (for the stem)
– 1 long piece of coloured paper (for the flower)
– Scisscors

– White Glue
– Tape

Roll the piece of paper diagonally from one corner to the other & use a little bit of tape at the end to secure the final corner in place.

Fold one side of the long strip about 1 cm into the middle.
Open up and then start cutting strips from the other side towards the creased line. 
Roll each strip until it meets the very end.

Turn the flower over and spread white glue on the long strip that was not rolled up.
Start curling the flower onto the stem and keep going until the end is reached.


DIY Fabric Bird

“Even if the sunny days end, we’ll have each other. My rainy day love bird.” – Anonymous


Here is a nice sewing project for the start of spring! 🙂

Duration: 1.5 -2 hrs

– Body Parts Template (download here-DIY Fabric Birds)

– Felt/Fabric
– Needle & Matching coloured threads
– Scissors
– Cotton stuffing

Start with these shapes and sew on the eyes, beak and wings.
You may follow the PDF example- Putting the Parts Together.

Tip: If time is limited, you can sew the wings on last and first put together the body. 

Flip the bird over and start sewing the sides adjacent to the face together. When you are finished, sew on the back-bone of the bird, but leave a little hole. In the next step, you will use the hole to turn the bird inside out.

Your bird is now halfway done! You can put as much stuffing as you need through the hole and then sew the bottom edge together. Finally, add on the tail 🙂 


Voila! It’s your finished bird!